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Use QstringView here

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......@@ -59,12 +59,13 @@ static QString sNamedProp(KTNEFMessage *tnefMsg, const QString &name, const QStr
static QDateTime pureISOToLocalQDateTime(const QString &dtStr)
const int year = dtStr.leftRef(4).toInt();
const int month = dtStr.midRef(4, 2).toInt();
const int day = dtStr.midRef(6, 2).toInt();
const int hour = dtStr.midRef(9, 2).toInt();
const int minute = dtStr.midRef(11, 2).toInt();
const int second = dtStr.midRef(13, 2).toInt();
const QStringView dtView{dtStr};
const int year = dtView.left(4).toInt();
const int month = dtView.mid(4, 2).toInt();
const int day = dtView.mid(6, 2).toInt();
const int hour = dtView.mid(9, 2).toInt();
const int minute = dtView.mid(11, 2).toInt();
const int second = dtView.mid(13, 2).toInt();
QDate tmpDate;
tmpDate.setDate(year, month, day);
QTime tmpTime;
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