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Commit cec63723 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁


parent 1c489620
......@@ -84,15 +84,16 @@ public:
void setEnableBalooSearch(bool enable);
bool enableBalooSearch() const;
void setEnableAkonadiSearch(bool enable);
bool enableAkonadiSearch() const;
bool isCompletionEnabled() const;
void setExpandIntern(bool);
bool expandIntern() const;
bool isCompletionEnabled() const;
* Adds a new @p contact to the completion with a given
* @p weight
......@@ -131,8 +132,10 @@ public:
void setShowRecentAddresses(bool b);
bool showRecentAddresses() const;
void setRecentAddressConfig(KConfig *config);
KConfig *recentAddressConfig() const;
void configureCompletion();
void setIcon(const QIcon &icon, const QString &tooltip = QString());
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