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Update w32 archive unpack commands

This uses %F for 7Bit filename to avoid problems with
special characters due to gpgtar limitations for
GnuPG-Bug-Id: T5226
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......@@ -40,8 +40,8 @@ Name[zh_CN]=TAR(PGP® 兼容)
Name[zh_TW]=TAR (相容 PGP®)
pack-command-openpgp=0|%I/gpgtar --utf8-strings --openpgp --skip-crypto --output - --encrypt -T- --null --
pack-command-cms=0|%I/gpgtar --utf8-strings --cms --skip-crypto --output - --encrypt -T- --null --
unpack-command-openpgp=%I/gpgtar --utf8-strings --openpgp --skip-crypto --set-filename %f --decrypt -- -
unpack-command-cms=%I/gpgtar --utf8-strings --cms --skip-crypto --set-filename %f --decrypt -- -
unpack-command-openpgp=%I/gpgtar --utf8-strings --openpgp --skip-crypto --set-filename %F --decrypt -- -
unpack-command-cms=%I/gpgtar --utf8-strings --cms --skip-crypto --set-filename %F --decrypt -- -
[Checksum Definition #0]
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