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Remove obsolete function

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......@@ -124,7 +124,6 @@ public:
std::vector<Key> resolveRecipient(const QString &address, Protocol protocol);
void resolveEnc(Protocol proto);
void mergeEncryptionKeys();
QStringList unresolvedRecipients(GpgME::Protocol protocol) const;
Result resolve();
KeyResolverCore *const q;
......@@ -535,19 +534,6 @@ auto getBestEncryptionKeys(const QMap<QString, QMap<Protocol, std::vector<Key>>>
return result;
QStringList KeyResolverCore::Private::unresolvedRecipients(GpgME::Protocol protocol) const
QStringList result;
for (auto it = mEncKeys.begin(); it != mEncKeys.end(); ++it) {
const auto &protocolKeysMap = it.value();
if (protocolKeysMap.value(protocol).empty()) {
return result;
bool hasUnresolvedRecipients(const QMap<QString, QMap<Protocol, std::vector<Key>>> &encryptionKeys, Protocol protocol)
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