Commit 09197d18 authored by Justus Winter's avatar Justus Winter

Separate filter code from method to helper function

In the same way that 'bgColor' uses 'get_color'.  This makes it
possible to search through two sets of filters.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJustus Winter <>
parent cf08c17e
......@@ -324,17 +324,22 @@ QVariant Model::data(const QModelIndex &idx, int role) const
QFont KeyFilterManager::font(const Key &key, const QFont &baseFont) const
static KeyFilter::FontDescription get_fontdescription(const std::vector<std::shared_ptr<KeyFilter>> &filters, const Key &key, const KeyFilter::FontDescription &initial)
return kdtools::accumulate_if(d->filters.begin(), d->filters.end(),
return kdtools::accumulate_if(filters.begin(), filters.end(),
[&key](const std::shared_ptr<KeyFilter> &filter) {
return filter->matches(key, KeyFilter::Appearance);
[](const KeyFilter::FontDescription &lhs,
const std::shared_ptr<KeyFilter> &rhs) {
return lhs.resolve(rhs->fontDescription());
QFont KeyFilterManager::font(const Key &key, const QFont &baseFont) const
return get_fontdescription(d->filters, key, KeyFilter::FontDescription()).font(baseFont);
static QColor get_color(const std::vector<std::shared_ptr<KeyFilter>> &filters, const Key &key, QColor(KeyFilter::*fun)() const)
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