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Remove the wording Idenity again

We already use User-ID for Identity so lets not introduce
another confusing word.
parent 41d5f472
......@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@ QVariant AbstractKeyListModel::headerData(int section, Qt::Orientation o, int ro
switch (section) {
case PrettyName: return i18n("Name");
case PrettyEMail: return i18n("E-Mail");
case Validity: return i18n("Identity");
case Validity: return i18n("User-IDs");
case ValidFrom: return i18n("Valid From");
case ValidUntil: return i18n("Valid Until");
case TechnicalDetails: return i18n("Details");
......@@ -271,7 +271,7 @@ QString format_keyusage(const Key &key)
if (key.canCertify()) {
capabilities.push_back(i18n("Certifying Identities"));
capabilities.push_back(i18n("Certifying User-IDs"));
if (key.canAuthenticate()) {
capabilities.push_back(i18n("SSH Authentication"));
......@@ -318,13 +318,13 @@ QString Formatting::toolTip(const Key &key, int flags)
if (fullyTrusted == key.numUserIDs()) {
result = i18n("All identities are certified.");
result = i18n("All User-IDs are certified.");
const auto compliance = complianceStringForKey(key);
if (!compliance.isEmpty()) {
result += QStringLiteral("<br>") + compliance;
} else {
result = i18np("One identity is not certified.", "%1 identities are not certified.", key.numUserIDs() - fullyTrusted);
result = i18np("One User-ID is not certified.", "%1 User-IDs are not certified.", key.numUserIDs() - fullyTrusted);
else {
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