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Minor string / i18n fixes

parent 18f02ac1
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ public:
mItemData << i18n("ID")
<< i18n("Name")
<< i18n("EMail")
<< i18n("E-Mail")
<< i18n("Valid From")
<< i18n("Valid Until")
<< i18n("Status");
......@@ -236,11 +236,11 @@ static QString protect_whitespace(QString s)
template <typename T_arg>
QString format_row(const QString &field, const T_arg &arg)
return i18n("<tr><th>%1:</th><td>%2</td></tr>", protect_whitespace(field), arg);
return QStringLiteral("<tr><th>%1:</th><td>%2</td></tr>").arg(protect_whitespace(field)).arg(arg);
QString format_row(const QString &field, const QString &arg)
return i18n("<tr><th>%1:</th><td>%2</td></tr>", protect_whitespace(field), arg.toHtmlEscaped());
return QStringLiteral("<tr><th>%1:</th><td>%2</td></tr>").arg(protect_whitespace(field)).arg(arg.toHtmlEscaped());
QString format_row(const QString &field, const char *arg)
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