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Change Ownertrust to Certification trust

Certification trust should make it clearer that the technical
Ownertrust is not about trusting signatures etc. made by the
key but only about Web of Trust User ID certifications (key signatures)
parent 5f0413ac
......@@ -379,7 +379,7 @@ QString Formatting::toolTip(const Key &key, int flags)
if (flags & OwnerTrust) {
if (key.protocol() == OpenPGP) {
result += format_row(i18n("Ownertrust"), ownerTrustShort(key));
result += format_row(i18n("Certification trust"), ownerTrustShort(key));
} else if (key.isRoot()) {
result += format_row(i18n("Trusted issuer?"),
key.userID(0).validity() == UserID::Ultimate ? i18n("Yes") :
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