Verified Commit 85983c18 authored by Andre Heinecke's avatar Andre Heinecke
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Add cases for revoked etc. in compliancestring

This makes it easier to find revoked keys in Kleoptra's
keytreeview because compliancestring is used as validity
in there.
parent 8bdc2dab
......@@ -1023,6 +1023,15 @@ QString Formatting::complianceStringShort(const GpgME::Key &key)
if (key.isExpired()) {
return i18n("expired");
if (key.isRevoked()) {
return i18n("revoked");
if (key.isDisabled()) {
return i18n("disabled");
if (key.isInvalid()) {
return i18n("invalid");
return i18nc("As in not all user IDs are valid.", "not certified");
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