Fix tar archive command for newer tar versions

This fixes an error when using tar archiving because
--null was set after -T- and is positional.
parent e9c620d4
......@@ -38,8 +38,8 @@ Name[uk]=TAR (сумісні з PGP®)
Name[x-test]=xxTAR (PGP®-compatible)xx
Name[zh_CN]=TAR(PGP® 兼容)
Name[zh_TW]=TAR (相容 PGP®)
pack-command-openpgp=0|tar cf - -T- --null
pack-command-cms=0|tar cfz - -T- --null
pack-command-openpgp=0|tar cf - --null -T-
pack-command-cms=0|tar cfz - --null -T-
unpack-command-openpgp=tar xf -
unpack-command-cms=tar xfz -
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ Name[uk]=TAR (зі стисканням bzip2)
Name[x-test]=xxTAR (with bzip2 compression)xx
Name[zh_CN]=TAR(bzip2 压缩)
Name[zh_TW]=TAR (藉由 bzip2 壓縮)
pack-command=0|tar cfj - -T- --null
pack-command=0|tar cfj - --null -T-
unpack-command=tar xfj -
[Checksum Definition #0]
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