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Prepare to use async for getting password

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......@@ -73,10 +73,14 @@ void FindAccountInfoJob::start()
const QString pwd = mPasswordProvider->password(mIdentifier);
passwordDone(pwd, server);
void FindAccountInfoJob::passwordDone(const QString &pwd, const QString &server)
QUrl sieveUrl;
const QString pwd = mPasswordProvider->password(mIdentifier);
if (mCustomImapSettingsInterface->sieveReuseConfig()) {
// assemble Sieve url from the settings of the account:
......@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ Q_SIGNALS:
void findAccountInfoFinished(const KSieveUi::Util::AccountInfo &info);
void passwordDone(const QString &pwd, const QString &server);
void sendAccountInfo();
KSieveUi::Util::AccountInfo mAccountInfo;
QString mIdentifier;
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