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Improve wording for encrypt warning

The old text said "will be uploaded" which is wrong,
the new text is also more positive but still communicates
the problem.
parent 468ffca8
......@@ -268,11 +268,11 @@ QWidget *FilterActionEncrypt::createParamWidget(QWidget *parent) const
palette.setColor(lbl->foregroundRole(), KColorScheme(QPalette::Normal).foreground(KColorScheme::NegativeText).color());
lbl->setText(i18n("<b>Warning:</b> the encrypted emails will be uploaded back to the server!"));
lbl->setToolTip(i18n("<p>You will not be able to read the encrypted emails on any other computer "
"or email client unless you have your private key available there.</p>"
"<p>Also note that most webmail interfaces don't support encryption, so you "
"will not be able to read the encrypted emails there.</p>"));
lbl->setText(i18n("<b>Warning:</b> Seckey necessary to read emails."));
lbl->setToolTip(i18n("<p>Once an email has been encrypted you will need a crypto setup with "
"your secret key to access the contents again.</p>"
"<p>If you keep emails stored on an email server and use several clients, "
"each of them must be configured to enable decryption.</p>"));
return w;
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