Commit b1c27039 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Remove unused method now

parent 351255b7
......@@ -220,12 +220,6 @@ QString MailCommon::Util::realFolderPath(const QString &path)
return realPath;
QColor MailCommon::Util::defaultQuotaColor()
KColorScheme scheme(QPalette::Active, KColorScheme::View);
return scheme.foreground(KColorScheme::NegativeText).color();
void MailCommon::Util::expireOldMessages(const Akonadi::Collection &collection, bool immediate)
ScheduledExpireTask *task = new ScheduledExpireTask(collection, immediate);
......@@ -83,8 +83,6 @@ Q_REQUIRED_RESULT MAILCOMMON_EXPORT uint folderIdentity(const Akonadi::Item &ite
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT MAILCOMMON_EXPORT QString realFolderPath(const QString &path);
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT void expireOldMessages(const Akonadi::Collection &collection, bool immediate);
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT MAILCOMMON_EXPORT Akonadi::Collection::Id convertFolderPathToCollectionId(const QString &folder);
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