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......@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@ public:
/** Returns message part from given URL or null if invalid. The URL's path is a KMime::ContentIndex path, or an index for the extra nodes,
followed by : and the ContentIndex path. */
KMime::Content *nodeFromUrl(const QUrl &url) const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT KMime::Content *nodeFromUrl(const QUrl &url) const;
/** Open the attachment pointed to the node.
* @param node the node
......@@ -224,7 +224,7 @@ public:
* @param node the node
* @param showWarning whether some warning should be shown
bool deleteAttachment(KMime::Content *node, bool showWarning = true);
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool deleteAttachment(KMime::Content *node, bool showWarning = true);
void attachmentProperties(KMime::Content *node);
void attachmentCopy(const KMime::Content::List &contents);
......@@ -240,9 +240,9 @@ public:
void prepareHandleAttachment(KMime::Content *node);
QString createAtmFileLink(const QString &atmFileName) const;
KService::Ptr getServiceOffer(KMime::Content *content);
KMime::Content::List selectedContents() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QString createAtmFileLink(const QString &atmFileName) const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT KService::Ptr getServiceOffer(KMime::Content *content);
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT KMime::Content::List selectedContents() const;
void attachmentOpenWith(KMime::Content *node, const KService::Ptr &offer = KService::Ptr());
void attachmentOpen(KMime::Content *node);
......@@ -257,9 +257,9 @@ public:
Viewer *viewer() const;
Akonadi::Item messageItem() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT Akonadi::Item messageItem() const;
KMime::Message::Ptr message() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT KMime::Message::Ptr message() const;
/** Returns whether the message should be decrypted. */
bool decryptMessage() const;
......@@ -281,7 +281,7 @@ public:
/** Creates a nice mail header depending on the current selected
header style. */
QString writeMessageHeader(KMime::Message *aMsg, KMime::Content *vCardNode = nullptr, bool topLevel = false);
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QString writeMessageHeader(KMime::Message *aMsg, KMime::Content *vCardNode = nullptr, bool topLevel = false);
/** show window containing information about a vCard. */
void showVCard(KMime::Content *msgPart);
......@@ -309,14 +309,14 @@ public:
/** Get selected override character encoding.
@return The encoding selected by the user or an empty string if auto-detection
is selected. */
QString overrideEncoding() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QString overrideEncoding() const;
/** Set the override character encoding. */
void setOverrideEncoding(const QString &encoding);
/** Set printing mode */
void setPrinting(bool enable);
bool printingMode() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool printingMode() const;
/** Print message. */
void printMessage(const Akonadi::Item &msg);
......@@ -364,7 +364,7 @@ public:
@return The override codec or 0 if auto-detection is selected. */
const QTextCodec *overrideCodec() const;
QString renderAttachments(KMime::Content *node, const QColor &bgColor) const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QString renderAttachments(KMime::Content *node, const QColor &bgColor) const;
KMime::Content *findContentByType(KMime::Content *content, const QByteArray &type); //TODO(Andras) move to MimeTreeParser::NodeHelper
......@@ -376,19 +376,19 @@ public:
if you want to preserve the current view. */
void saveRelativePosition();
bool htmlMail() const;
bool htmlLoadExternal() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool htmlMail() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool htmlLoadExternal() const;
bool htmlMailGlobalSetting() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool htmlMailGlobalSetting() const;
/** Get the html override setting */
Viewer::DisplayFormatMessage displayFormatMessageOverwrite() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT Viewer::DisplayFormatMessage displayFormatMessageOverwrite() const;
/** Override default html mail setting */
void setDisplayFormatMessageOverwrite(Viewer::DisplayFormatMessage format);
/** Get the load external references override setting */
bool htmlLoadExtOverride() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool htmlLoadExtOverride() const;
/** Default behavior for loading external references.
* Use this for specifying the external reference loading behavior as
......@@ -408,7 +408,7 @@ public:
void setDecryptMessageOverwrite(bool overwrite = true);
/** Show signature details. */
bool showSignatureDetails() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool showSignatureDetails() const;
/** Show signature details. */
void setShowSignatureDetails(bool showDetails = true);
......@@ -416,7 +416,7 @@ public:
/* show or hide encryption details */
void setShowEncryptionDetails(bool showEncDetails);
bool showEncryptionDetails() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool showEncryptionDetails() const;
void scrollToAttachment(KMime::Content *node);
void setUseFixedFont(bool useFixedFont);
......@@ -430,19 +430,19 @@ public:
void showOpenAttachmentFolderWidget(const QList<QUrl> &urls);
bool mimePartTreeIsEmpty() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool mimePartTreeIsEmpty() const;
void setPluginName(const QString &pluginName);
QList<QAction *> viewerPluginActionList(
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QList<QAction *> viewerPluginActionList(
MessageViewer::ViewerPluginInterface::SpecificFeatureTypes features);
QList<QAction *> interceptorUrlActions(const WebEngineViewer::WebHitTestResult &result) const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QList<QAction *> interceptorUrlActions(const WebEngineViewer::WebHitTestResult &result) const;
void setPrintElementBackground(bool printElementBackground);
bool showEmoticons() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT bool showEmoticons() const;
void checkPhishingUrl();
void executeRunner(const QUrl &url);
QUrl imageUrl() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QUrl imageUrl() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT qreal webViewZoomFactor() const;
void setWebViewZoomFactor(qreal factor);
void recreateCssHelper();
......@@ -597,7 +597,7 @@ Q_SIGNALS:
void showNextMessage();
void showPreviousMessage();
QString attachmentHtml() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QString attachmentHtml() const;
void readGravatarConfig();
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