Commit 4a986f69 authored by Sandro Knauß's avatar Sandro Knauß
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MessageComposer: return ContactPreferences, if already available.

If ContactPreferences are set explitly and not loaded via Akonadi this
function cannot lock. So it is safe to move the #if.
parent acc349cd
......@@ -1850,12 +1850,12 @@ void Kleo::KeyResolver::addKeys(const std::vector<Item> &items)
Kleo::KeyResolver::ContactPreferences Kleo::KeyResolver::lookupContactPreferences(const QString &address) const
const Private::ContactPreferencesMap::iterator it = d->mContactPreferencesMap.find(address);
if (it != d->mContactPreferencesMap.end()) {
return it->second;
Akonadi::ContactSearchJob *job = new Akonadi::ContactSearchJob();
job->setQuery(Akonadi::ContactSearchJob::Email, address);
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