Commit 567f1fdf authored by Sandro Knauß's avatar Sandro Knauß 🐝
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We don't need fix anymore for htmlnodes

parent 1840ede9
......@@ -54,14 +54,5 @@ Interface::MessagePart::Ptr TextHtmlBodyPartFormatter::process(Interface::BodyPa
KMime::Content *node = part.content();
HtmlMessagePart::Ptr mp(new HtmlMessagePart(part.objectTreeParser(), node, part.source()));
if (node->topLevel()->textContent() == node || part.objectTreeParser()->attachmentStrategy()->defaultDisplay(node) == AttachmentStrategy::Inline ||
part.objectTreeParser()->showOnlyOneMimePart()) {
} else {
// we need the copy of htmlcontent and charset in anycase for the current design of otp.
//Should be not neeed if otp don't hold any status anymore
return mp;
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