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Don't show "No HTML message" for plain text message

While it is important to show this bar for HTML messages since a
malicious HTML mail could do evil things. The risk on plain text message
is less important, so hide the bar on plain text message.
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......@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@ void HtmlStatusBar::update()
setVisible(mMode != MimeTreeParser::Util::Normal);
void HtmlStatusBar::setNormalMode()
......@@ -110,10 +111,7 @@ QString HtmlStatusBar::message() const
"<qt><b><br />H<br />T<br />M<br />L<br /> "
"<br />M<br />e<br />s<br />s<br />a<br />g<br />e</b></qt>");
case MimeTreeParser::Util::Normal: // normal: "No HTML Message"
return i18nc("'No HTML Message' with html linebreaks between each letter.",
"<qt><br />N<br />o<br /> "
"<br />H<br />T<br />M<br />L<br /> "
"<br />M<br />e<br />s<br />s<br />a<br />g<br />e</qt>");
return QString();
case MimeTreeParser::Util::MultipartPlain: // normal: "Plain Message"
return i18nc("'Plain Message' with html linebreaks between each letter.",
"<qt><br />P<br />l<br />a<br />i<br />n<br /> "
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