Commit 706d5920 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Fix check url

parent acc68dc7
......@@ -2001,9 +2001,10 @@ void ViewerPrivate::slotUrlOpen(const QUrl &url)
connect(job, &CheckPhishingUrlJob::result, this, &ViewerPrivate::slotCheckUrl);
Q_EMIT urlClicked(mMessageItem, mClickedUrl);
Q_EMIT urlClicked(mMessageItem, mClickedUrl);
void ViewerPrivate::slotCheckUrl(WebEngineViewer::CheckPhishingUrlJob::UrlStatus status, const QUrl &url)
......@@ -2019,6 +2020,8 @@ void ViewerPrivate::slotCheckUrl(WebEngineViewer::CheckPhishingUrlJob::UrlStatus
case WebEngineViewer::CheckPhishingUrlJob::Unknown:
//TODO fix me.
Q_EMIT urlClicked(mMessageItem, url);
void ViewerPrivate::slotUrlOn(const QString &link)
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