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Fix(Messagecomposer): mFolderIdetityId is an uoid if an identity and not an Akonadi::Id.

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......@@ -777,7 +777,7 @@ void MessageFactoryNG::setMailingListAddresses(const KMime::Types::Mailbox::List
mMailingListAddresses << listAddresses;
void MessageFactoryNG::setFolderIdentity(Akonadi::Collection::Id folderIdentityId)
void MessageFactoryNG::setFolderIdentity(uint folderIdentityId)
mFolderId = folderIdentityId;
......@@ -162,9 +162,9 @@ public:
* Set the identity that is set for the folder in which the given message is.
* It is used as a fallback when finding the identity if it can't be found in
* any other way.
* Also used if putRepliesInSameFolder is set to true.
* @param folderIdentityId an uoid of KIdentityManagement::Identity
void setFolderIdentity(Akonadi::Item::Id folderIdentityId);
void setFolderIdentity(uint folderIdentityId);
* Whether or not to put the reply to a message in the same folder as the message itself.
......@@ -240,7 +240,7 @@ private:
KIdentityManagement::IdentityManager *mIdentityManager = nullptr;
// Required parts to create messages
KMime::Message::Ptr mOrigMsg;
Akonadi::Item::Id mFolderId;
uint mFolderId;
Akonadi::Item::Id mParentFolderId;
Akonadi::Collection mCollection;
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