Commit 8c0b91f2 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Remove it

parent 0bcf3158
......@@ -210,17 +210,7 @@ void MailWebEngineView::setElementByIdVisible(const QString &id, bool visible)
void MailWebEngineView::removeAttachmentMarking(const QString &id)
qDebug() << "bool MailWebEngineView::removeAttachmentMarking(const QString &id) not implemented";
page()->runJavaScript(MessageViewer::WebEngineScript::removeStyleToElement(QLatin1String("*#") + id));
#if 0
QWebElement doc = page()->mainFrame()->documentElement();
QWebElement attachmentDiv = doc.findFirst(QLatin1String("*#") + id);
if (attachmentDiv.isNull()) {
return false;
void MailWebEngineView::markAttachment(const QString &id, const QString &style)
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