Commit 92bbefff authored by David Faure's avatar David Faure Committed by Laurent Montel
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Port AttachmentControllerBase::openWith to ApplicationLauncherJob

Tested with kmail composer, RMB on attachment, OpenWith submenu
(selecting an app, and selecting "Open With" to get the dialog)
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......@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@
#include <KMimeTypeTrader>
#include <QPushButton>
#include <KRun>
#include <KIO/ApplicationLauncherJob>
#include <QTemporaryFile>
#include <QMimeDatabase>
#include <KFileItemActions>
......@@ -714,24 +715,21 @@ void AttachmentControllerBase::openWith(const KService::Ptr &offer)
i18n("Unable to open attachment"));
QList<QUrl> lst;
QUrl url = QUrl::fromLocalFile(tempFile->fileName());
bool result = false;
if (offer) {
result = KRun::runService(*offer, lst, d->wParent, false);
} else {
result = KRun::displayOpenWithDialog(lst, d->wParent, false);
if (!result) {
// If offer is null, this will show the "open with" dialog
KIO::ApplicationLauncherJob *job = new KIO::ApplicationLauncherJob(offer);
job->setUiDelegate(new KIO::JobUiDelegate(KJobUiDelegate::AutoHandlingEnabled, d->wParent));
connect(job, &KJob::result, this, [tempFile, job]() {
if (job->error()) {
delete tempFile;
tempFile = nullptr;
} else {
// The file was opened. Delete it only when the composer is closed
// Delete the file only when the composer is closed
// (and this object is destroyed).
tempFile->setParent(this); // Manages lifetime.
void AttachmentControllerBase::openAttachment(const AttachmentPart::Ptr &part)
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