Commit b8ab0b44 authored by Jonathan Marten's avatar Jonathan Marten Committed by Daniel Vrátil
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RecipientsPicker: Only list recipients with an email address

There is no point in showing those without one.

Also fix the setting of the To/Bcc default buttons to correspond
with the button labels and actions.
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......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ RecipientsPicker::RecipientsPicker(QWidget *parent)
QVBoxLayout *mainLayout = new QVBoxLayout(this);
mView = new Akonadi::RecipientsPickerWidget(false, nullptr, this);
mView = new Akonadi::RecipientsPickerWidget(true, nullptr, this);
mainLayout->setStretchFactor(mView, 1);
......@@ -107,9 +107,9 @@ void RecipientsPicker::setRecipients(const Recipient::List &)
void RecipientsPicker::setDefaultType(Recipient::Type type)
mDefaultType = type;
mUser1Button->setDefault(type == Recipient::To);
mUser1Button->setDefault(type == Recipient::Bcc);
mUser2Button->setDefault(type == Recipient::Cc);
mUser3Button->setDefault(type == Recipient::Bcc);
mUser3Button->setDefault(type == Recipient::To);
mUser4Button->setDefault(type == Recipient::ReplyTo);
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