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Revert "Remove unused method"

This reverts commit 751c18fb.
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......@@ -15,6 +15,11 @@
#include <KIconLoader>
#include <KMime/Content>
QString MessageViewer::Util::iconPathForMimetype(const QString &mimeType, int iconSize, const QString &fallbackFileName1, const QString &fallbackFileName2)
return IconNameCache::instance()->iconPath(MimeTreeParser::Util::iconNameForMimetype(mimeType, fallbackFileName1, fallbackFileName2), iconSize);
QString MessageViewer::Util::iconPathForContent(KMime::Content *node, int size)
return IconNameCache::instance()->iconPath(MimeTreeParser::Util::iconNameForContent(node), size);
......@@ -25,6 +25,28 @@ namespace MessageViewer
namespace Util
* Finds the filename of an icon based on the given mimetype or filenames.
* Always use this functions when looking up icon names for mime types, don't use
* KMimeType directly.
* Uses the IconNameCache internally to speed things up.
* @param mimeType The primary mime type used to find the icon, e.g. "application/zip". Alias
* mimetypes are resolved.
* @param iconSize Size of the requested icon, e.g. KIconLoader::Desktop
* @param fallbackFileName1 When the icon is not found by the given mime type, use the file
* name extensions of these file names to look the icon up.
* Example: ""
* @param fallbackFileName2 Fallback for @p fallbackFileName1.
* @return the full file name of the icon file
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QString MESSAGEVIEWER_EXPORT iconPathForMimetype(const QString &mimeType,
int iconSize,
const QString &fallbackFileName1 = QString(),
const QString &fallbackFileName2 = QString());
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QString MESSAGEVIEWER_EXPORT iconPathForContent(KMime::Content *node, int iconSize);
struct AttachmentDisplayInfo {
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