Commit ca46e0bd authored by Sandro Knauß's avatar Sandro Knauß 🐝
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Remove encryptToSelf.

When creating an encrypted message, I want to read this email
later. To be able to do so, it needs to be encrypted for my key, too.
I don't see any reason to not encrypt a message with my key. so let's
remove this setting.
parent 449b569c
......@@ -641,11 +641,6 @@ inline int signingChainCertNearExpiryWarningThresholdInDays()
return qMax(1, num);
inline bool encryptToSelf()
return MessageComposer::MessageComposerSettings::self()->cryptoEncryptToSelf();
inline bool showKeyApprovalDialog()
return MessageComposer::MessageComposerSettings::self()->cryptoShowKeysForApproval();
......@@ -777,7 +772,7 @@ QVector<MessageComposer::Composer *> ComposerViewBase::generateCryptoMessages(bo
QScopedPointer<Kleo::KeyResolver> keyResolver(
new Kleo::KeyResolver(encryptToSelf(), showKeyApprovalDialog(), id.pgpAutoEncrypt(), m_cryptoMessageFormat, nearExpiryChecker()));
new Kleo::KeyResolver(true, showKeyApprovalDialog(), id.pgpAutoEncrypt(), m_cryptoMessageFormat, nearExpiryChecker()));
......@@ -133,10 +133,6 @@ xsi:schemaLocation="
<label>The minimum number of days that the root certificate should be valid before issuing a warning</label>
<entry name="CryptoEncryptToSelf" type="Bool" key="crypto-encrypt-to-self">
<label>When encrypting emails, always also encrypt to the certificate of my own identity</label>
<entry name="CryptoShowKeysForApproval" type="Bool" key="crypto-show-keys-for-approval">
<label>Always show the list of encryption keys to select the one which will be used</label>
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