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      MessageList: load icons in the size that is actually used by the Theme · 820f2e2d
      Daniel Vrátil authored
      Improves looks and performance. Previously we had a single cache of icon
      pixmaps in Manager. Manager always loaded 64x64 icons, even if the theme
      was using 16x16 (which is the default). That resulted in ugly icons, both
      due to down-scaling while rendering, and because we were using icons
      designed to be shown as 64x64, not 16x16 or similar. This change moves
      the pixmap cache to Theme, so that each Theme has its own cache using
      the Theme's icon sizes. The cache is populated lazily, so unused
      themes don't waste memory with cache.
      It also slightly improves performance, because the pixmaps don't have
      to be scaled down when rendering.
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