Commit 5cceae12 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Rename variable + initialize them

parent c9c460a1
......@@ -64,10 +64,10 @@ private Q_SLOTS:
void cleanupTestCase();
KMime::Message::Ptr createPlainTestMessage();
KMime::Message::Ptr loadMessageFromFile(const QString &filename);
KMime::Message::Ptr createPlainTestMessageWithMultiEmails();
KMime::Message::Ptr loadMessage(const QString &filename);
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT KMime::Message::Ptr createPlainTestMessage();
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT KMime::Message::Ptr loadMessageFromFile(const QString &filename);
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT KMime::Message::Ptr createPlainTestMessageWithMultiEmails();
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT KMime::Message::Ptr loadMessage(const QString &filename);
KIdentityManagement::IdentityManager *mIdentMan = nullptr;
......@@ -62,8 +62,8 @@ public:
/// Small helper structure which encapsulates the KMime::Message created when creating a reply, and
/// the reply mode
struct MessageReply {
KMime::Message::Ptr msg; ///< The actual reply message
bool replyAll; ///< If true, the "reply all" template was used, otherwise the normal reply
KMime::Message::Ptr msg = nullptr; ///< The actual reply message
bool replyAll = false; ///< If true, the "reply all" template was used, otherwise the normal reply
/// template
......@@ -249,22 +249,22 @@ private:
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QByteArray getRefStr(const KMime::Message::Ptr &msg);
KMime::Content *createForwardAttachmentMessage(const KMime::Message::Ptr &fwdMsg);
KIdentityManagement::IdentityManager *m_identityManager = nullptr;
KIdentityManagement::IdentityManager *mIdentityManager = nullptr;
// Required parts to create messages
KMime::Message::Ptr m_origMsg;
Akonadi::Item::Id m_folderId;
Akonadi::Item::Id m_parentFolderId;
KMime::Message::Ptr mOrigMsg;
Akonadi::Item::Id mFolderId;
Akonadi::Item::Id mParentFolderId;
Akonadi::Collection m_collection;
Akonadi::Collection mCollection;
// Optional settings the calling class may set
MessageComposer::ReplyStrategy m_replyStrategy;
QString m_selection;
QString m_template;
bool m_quote = true;
bool m_replyAsHtml = false;
KMime::Types::Mailbox::List m_mailingListAddresses;
Akonadi::Item::Id m_id;
MessageComposer::ReplyStrategy mReplyStrategy;
QString mSelection;
QString mTemplate;
bool mQuote = true;
bool mReplyAsHtml = false;
KMime::Types::Mailbox::List mMailingListAddresses;
Akonadi::Item::Id mId;
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