Commit d89a5337 authored by Allen Winter's avatar Allen Winter

followupreminder/followupremindercreatejob.cpp - fix i18n

parent 9ac6e3df
......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ void FollowupReminderCreateJob::start()
if (d->mInfo->isValid()) {
if (d->mCollection.isValid()) {
KCalCore::Todo::Ptr todo(new KCalCore::Todo);
todo->setSummary(i18n("Wait answer from \"%1\" send to \"%2\"").arg(d->mInfo->subject(), d->mInfo->to()));
todo->setSummary(i18n("Wait answer from \"%1\" send to \"%2\"", d->mInfo->subject(), d->mInfo->to()));
Akonadi::Item newTodoItem;
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