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Commit ef614b06 authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause

Port built-in render code to HtmlWriter

Reviewers: knauss

Reviewed By: knauss

Subscribers: #kde_pim

Tags: #kde_pim

Differential Revision:
parent be008b4e
......@@ -47,20 +47,20 @@ public:
Interface::ObjectTreeSource *source() const;
void renderSubParts(const MessagePart::Ptr &msgPart, const QSharedPointer<CacheHtmlWriter> &htmlWriter);
void renderSubParts(const MessagePart::Ptr &msgPart, HtmlWriter *htmlWriter);
QString render(const MessagePartList::Ptr &mp);
QString render(const MimeMessagePart::Ptr &mp);
QString render(const EncapsulatedRfc822MessagePart::Ptr &mp);
QString render(const HtmlMessagePart::Ptr &mp);
QString renderEncrypted(const EncryptedMessagePart::Ptr &mp);
QString renderSigned(const SignedMessagePart::Ptr &mp);
QString render(const SignedMessagePart::Ptr &mp);
QString render(const EncryptedMessagePart::Ptr &mp);
QString render(const AlternativeMessagePart::Ptr &mp);
QString render(const CertMessagePart::Ptr &mp);
void render(const MessagePartList::Ptr &mp, HtmlWriter *htmlWriter);
void render(const MimeMessagePart::Ptr &mp, HtmlWriter *htmlWriter);
void render(const EncapsulatedRfc822MessagePart::Ptr &mp, HtmlWriter *htmlWriter);
void render(const HtmlMessagePart::Ptr &mp, HtmlWriter *htmlWriter);
void renderEncrypted(const EncryptedMessagePart::Ptr &mp, HtmlWriter *htmlWriter);
void renderSigned(const SignedMessagePart::Ptr &mp, HtmlWriter *htmlWriter);
void render(const SignedMessagePart::Ptr &mp, HtmlWriter *htmlWriter);
void render(const EncryptedMessagePart::Ptr &mp, HtmlWriter *htmlWriter);
void render(const AlternativeMessagePart::Ptr &mp, HtmlWriter *htmlWriter);
void render(const CertMessagePart::Ptr &mp, HtmlWriter *htmlWriter);
QSharedPointer<PartRendered> renderWithFactory(QString className, const MessagePart::Ptr &msgPart);
QString renderFactory(const MessagePart::Ptr &msgPart, const QSharedPointer<CacheHtmlWriter> &htmlWriter);
QString renderFactory(const MessagePart::Ptr &msgPart, HtmlWriter *htmlWriter);
QString mHtml;
MessagePart::Ptr mMsgPart;
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