Commit 2dd02610 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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We need to store it as qstring not qurl

parent 624b2850
Pipeline #95386 canceled with stage
......@@ -1005,9 +1005,9 @@ void ImportMailJobInterface::copyArchiveMailAgentConfigGroup(const KSharedConfig
KConfigGroup newGroup(archiveConfigDestination, archiveGroupPattern + QString::number(id));
newGroup.writeEntry(QStringLiteral("saveCollectionId"), id);
QUrl storePath = newGroup.readEntry("storePath", QUrl());
if (!QDir(storePath.path()).exists()) {
newGroup.writeEntry(QStringLiteral("storePath"), QUrl::fromLocalFile(QDir::homePath()));
QString storePath = newGroup.readEntry("storePath", QString());
if (!QDir(storePath).exists()) {
newGroup.writeEntry(QStringLiteral("storePath"), QDir::homePath());
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