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GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)

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......@@ -26,6 +26,12 @@
<name xml:lang="x-test">xxSieveEditorxx</name>
<name xml:lang="zh-TW">篩選器編輯器</name>
<summary>Editor for email filter Sieve scripts</summary>
<summary xml:lang="ca">Editor per als scripts de «Sieve» de filtratge de correu</summary>
<summary xml:lang="ca-valencia">Editor per als scripts de «Sieve» de filtratge de correu</summary>
<summary xml:lang="nl">Bewerker voor Sieve-scripts met e-mailfilters</summary>
<summary xml:lang="pt">Editor de programas de filtros de e-mails em Sieve</summary>
<summary xml:lang="uk">Редактор скриптів фільтрування електронної пошти</summary>
<summary xml:lang="x-test">xxEditor for email filter Sieve scriptsxx</summary>
<developer_name>Laurent Montel &lt;;</developer_name>
<developer_name xml:lang="ca">Laurent Montel &lt;;</developer_name>
<developer_name xml:lang="ca-valencia">Laurent Montel &lt;;</developer_name>
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