Commit ef034504 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Make it more easy to translate

parent 10f9cf26
......@@ -35,18 +35,20 @@ SieveEditorEmptyTabWidgetLabel::~SieveEditorEmptyTabWidgetLabel()
void SieveEditorEmptyTabWidgetLabel::init()
//TODO improve text
const QString placeholderText = i18n("<html><body style=\"color:#909090; font-size:14px\">"
const QString placeholderText = QStringLiteral("<html><body style=\"color:#909090; font-size:14px\">"
"<div align='center'>"
"<div style=\"font-size:20px\">Debug a script:</div>"
"<div style=\"font-size:20px\">%1</div>"
"<li>Tools > Debug Sieve Script"
"<div style=\"font-size:20px\">Autogenerate script:</div>"
"<div style=\"font-size:20px\">%3</div>"
"<li>Tools > Autogenerate script"
"<div style=\"font-size:20px\">Import script:</div>"
"<li>File > Import"
"<div style=\"font-size:20px\">%5</div>"
"</body></html>").arg(i18n("Debug a script:"), i18nc("These action in from menu tools submenu debug sieve script", "Tools > Debug Sieve Script"),
i18n("Autogenerate script:"), i18nc("Action is from menu tools, submenu autogenerate script", "Tools > Autogenerate script"),
i18n("Import script:"), i18nc("Action is from file menu, import submenu", "File > Import"));
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