Commit 1b7678f6 authored by Allen Winter's avatar Allen Winter

src/pimcommonakonadi/acl/aclmodifyjob.cpp - normalize SIGNAL and SLOT

parent c21cc3ee
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ void AclModifyJob::changeAcl(Akonadi::Collection collection)
if (canAdministrate(attribute, collection)) {
Akonadi::CollectionModifyJob *modifyJob = new Akonadi::CollectionModifyJob(collection);
connect(modifyJob, SIGNAL(result(KJob *)), this, SLOT(slotModifyDone(KJob *)));
connect(modifyJob, SIGNAL(result(KJob*)), this, SLOT(slotModifyDone(KJob*)));
} else {
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