Commit 3b4948f1 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Remove some qOverload as we remove deprecated qt5.15 signal

parent f5dd396f
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...@@ -297,11 +297,11 @@ void TranslatorWidget::init() ...@@ -297,11 +297,11 @@ void TranslatorWidget::init()
slotFromLanguageChanged(0, true); slotFromLanguageChanged(0, true);
slotTextChanged(); slotTextChanged();
readConfig(); readConfig();
connect(d->from, qOverload<int>(&QComboBox::currentIndexChanged), this, [this](int val) { connect(d->from, &QComboBox::currentIndexChanged, this, [this](int val) {
slotFromLanguageChanged(val, false); slotFromLanguageChanged(val, false);
slotConfigChanged(); slotConfigChanged();
}); });
connect(d->to, qOverload<int>(&QComboBox::currentIndexChanged), this, [this]() { connect(d->to, &QComboBox::currentIndexChanged, this, [this]() {
slotConfigChanged(); slotConfigChanged();
slotTranslate(); slotTranslate();
}); });
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