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Avoid to reformat this code

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......@@ -679,7 +679,9 @@ void LdapSearchDialog::Private::restoreSettings()
q->connect(ldapClient, SIGNAL(result(KLDAP::LdapClient, KLDAP::LdapObject)), q, SLOT(slotAddResult(KLDAP::LdapClient, KLDAP::LdapObject)));
// clang-format off
q->connect(ldapClient, SIGNAL(result(KLDAP::LdapClient,KLDAP::LdapObject)), q, SLOT(slotAddResult(KLDAP::LdapClient,KLDAP::LdapObject)));
// clang-format on
q->connect(ldapClient, SIGNAL(done()), q, SLOT(slotSearchDone()));
q->connect(ldapClient, &KLDAP::LdapClient::error, q, [this](const QString &err) {
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