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Commit f3448eb1 authored by Allen Winter's avatar Allen Winter Committed by Albert Astals Cid

src/pimcommonakonadi/acl/aclmodifyjob.cpp - Fix messagebox text

REVIEW: 127845
parent 73153975
......@@ -177,10 +177,10 @@ void AclModifyJob::slotFetchCollectionFinished(const Akonadi::Collection::List &
if (KMessageBox::Continue != KMessageBox::warningContinueCancelList(nullptr,
i18n("Do you really want to apply this folders permissions on the subdirectories:"),
i18n("Apply Permissions"))) {
if (KMessageBox::warningContinueCancelList(nullptr,
i18n("Do you really want to apply the folder's permissions to these subfolders?"),
i18n("Apply Permissions")) != KMessageBox::Continue) {
qCDebug(PIMCOMMONAKONADI_LOG) << "AclModifyJob: User canceled .";
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