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desktop-file: Rename to just Angelfish

parent 8f99ff25
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Angelfish Web Browser
Name[ca]=Navegador web Angelfish
Name[ca@valencia]=Navegador web Angelfish
Name[cs]=Webový prohlížeč Angelfish
Name[el]=Angelfish περιηγητής ιστού
Name[en_GB]=Angelfish Web Browser
Name[es]=Navegador web Angelfish
Name[fr]=Navigateur Web Angelfish
Name[gl]=Navegador web Angelfish
Name[it]=Browser web Angelfish
Name[ko]=Angelfish 웹 브라우저
Name[nl]=Webbrowser Angelfish
Name[nn]=Angelfish nettlesar
Name[pl]=Przeglądarka sieciowa Angelfish
Name[pt]=Navegador Web Angelfish
Name[pt_BR]=Navegador Web Angelfish
Name[ru]=Веб-браузер Angelfish
Name[sk]=Webový prehliadač Angelfish
Name[sv]=Angelfish webbläsare
Name[uk]=Браузер Angelfish
Name[x-test]=xxAngelfish Web Browserxx
Name[zh_TW]=Angelfish 網頁瀏覽器
Comment=Mobile web browser
Comment[ca]=Navegador web mòbil
Comment[ca@valencia]=Navegador web mòbil
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