Verified Commit fc2f00f6 authored by Rinigus Saar's avatar Rinigus Saar Committed by Jonah Brüchert
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hide tabs by moving them out of image

When tabs are made invisible through visible property,
their live representation in tabs selector is not available.
By moving inactive tabs out of borders, live preview is kept
parent 75f64730
......@@ -29,13 +29,11 @@ import QtWebEngine 1.6
Repeater {
id: tabs
clip: true
property int currentIndex: -1
property var currentItem
property int pageHeight: height
property int pageWidth: width
property alias count: tabsModel.count
model: ListModel {
......@@ -44,10 +42,19 @@ Repeater {
delegate: WebView {
id: wv
anchors.fill: tabs
anchors {
bottom: tabs.bottom
url: pageurl;
visible: index === tabs.currentIndex
onVisibleChanged: if (visible) tabs.currentItem = wv
width: tabs.width
property bool showView: index === tabs.currentIndex
x: showView ? 0 : -width
z: showView ? 1000 : 0
onShowViewChanged: if (showView) tabs.currentItem = wv
function createEmptyTab(front) {
......@@ -37,9 +37,6 @@ WebEngineView {
property alias userAgent: userAgent
width: pageWidth
height: pageHeight
UserAgentGenerator {
id: userAgent
isMobile: Kirigami.Settings.isMobile
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