1. 19 Feb, 2020 3 commits
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      Simplify NavigationEntrySheet · 94181d23
      Jonah Brüchert authored
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      Add tabsmodel as central place to control the gui · 30db8cee
      Jonah Brüchert authored
      * Model information is not duplicated between the qml part (QtQml.Models) and the browserManager::m_tabs
      * Changes do not need to be synced with browser manager anymore
      * properly testable (and test implemented)
      * A lot less logic in the ui (qml part)
      * No json inside the ini file
      * isMobile is not saved to disk anymore to be able to use a simple ini list (doesn't matter much to me, please comment if it does to you, ideally with idea how to store it)
      General Changed:
      * BrowserManager is now a singleton with a static instance getter, to share one QSettings instance throughout Angelfish
       #This is the commit message #3:
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