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Select first enclosure if entry has multiple enclosure entries

Kasts can currently only handle one enclosure per entry.  In case an
entry/item has multiple enclosures, it's probably safe to assume that the
first one is the one that's preferred by the author.

CCBUG: 440389
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......@@ -303,8 +303,11 @@ bool Fetcher::processEntry(Syndication::ItemPtr entry, const QString &url, bool
processAuthor(url, entry->id(), authorName, QLatin1String(""), QLatin1String(""));
for (const auto &enclosure : entry->enclosures()) {
processEnclosure(enclosure, entry, url);
// only process first enclosure if there are multiple (e.g. mp3 and ogg);
// the first one is probably the podcast author's preferred version
// TODO: handle more than one enclosure?
if (entry->enclosures().count() > 0) {
processEnclosure(entry->enclosures()[0], entry, url);
Q_EMIT entryAdded(url, entry->id());
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