1. 23 Jun, 2021 2 commits
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      Change bugtracker url to bugs.kde.org · f42c0116
      Bart De Vries authored
      Since we have a product on bugs.kde.org which already has several bugs
      registered, we might as well use it as the main place for externally
      reported bugs, and keep gitlab issues as internal tracker.
  4. 20 Jun, 2021 2 commits
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      Replace Audio prepare hack by nicer, asynchronous solution · a331366d
      Bart De Vries authored
      The main bits of this implementation are:
      - Start a new track in paused state.  We don't care about the actual
        media state or player state that QMediaPlayer is reporting.  We will
        deal with that when the audio actually starts playing.
      - If a player position needs to be restored, we set d->m_pendingSeek to
        the position that needs to be seeked.  We don't actually seek because
        we have no idea what state the player is in yet.
      - On the positionChanged signal of QMP, and if the media is buffered, we
        check if there is pendingSeek value set which is set to a different
        value than the current player position.  If so, we call
        d->m_player.setPosition().  If we have arrived at the correct
        position, then we reset d->m_pendingSeek to -1.
      - In the position(), duration() and seek() methods, we return sensible
        values, even QMP is not.  So, we report the duration from the
        enclosure, the position from d->m_pendingSeek, and let seek() change
        the value of d->m_PendingSeek (if it's not -1) to the new seek
      - When there's a pending seek, we set the notifyInterval to shorter
        interval to reduce the startup audio glitch as much as possible.  We
        then reset it to the default of 1000 msec.
      This was tested on linux and android.
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      Add flathub badge · 9539daec
      Devin Lin authored
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      Fix inhibit suspend on Gnome · 048f294b
      Bart De Vries authored
      The inhibit dbus call to gnome sessionmanager expects flags as input.
      Currently the flags are set to 4, which will "Inhibit the session being
      marked as idle". This is insufficient to prevent the device from
      suspending while playing.
      We should also add 8 = "Inhibit suspending the session or computer".
      Hence, the updated flags to 12.
      This change was tested on phosh/phoc and it properly prevents the
      system from suspending.  The flags = 12 settings is also what gnome
      music players like Lollypop are using (as checked through the gnome
      sessionmanager dbus interface).
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