Release angelfish 1.5.0

This release features a rewrite of the underlying models and design changes.

Jonah Brüchert:

  • Move width out of UrlDelegate so it doesn't produce type errors in History.qml
  • Some string optimizations
  • Add tabsmodel as central place to control the gui
  • Use json file based storage
  • Move homepage and initialUrl logic to tabsModel
  • Simplify NavigationEntrySheet
  • Use strict typing for properties
  • flatpak: Update to org.kde.Sdk 5.14
  • CMakeLists: Remove unnecessary compiler arguments

Rinigus Saar:

  • Navigation bar: processing URL and address entry via overlay
  • use tabsmodel to keep reflection of current state
  • decouple tabsmodel url from webview url
  • follow requested URL when interacting with user
  • flatpak: drop ld_library_path and use symlinks instead
  • flatpak: webengine links are generated upstream
  • flatpak: add pulseaudio permissions
  • open url entry with bookmarks on new tab
  • hide navigation bar on scrolling
  • open about:blank on new tab
  • remove a residual line shown in fullscreen mode
  • flatpak: add ffmpeg-full to support video playback