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  • v1.0   Release plasma-angelfish 1.0
    Release v1.0

    This is the first release of Plasma Angelfish since its development has been taken over by the new Plasma Mobile team. Compared to before, several features have been added:

    • tabs can be closed
    • web search
    • in-page search
    • sharing pages
    • history based completion
    • Mobile pages are requested if wanted
    • context menu
    • popup blocker
    • basic downloads
    • configurable homepage and search engine

    On the technical side of things, Angelfish has been ported to the current QtWebEngine (as of Qt 5.13) and now uses Kirigami instead of Plasma Components.

  • v1.0.1   Release 1.0.1
  • v1.1   Release v1.1
    Release v1.1


    • The autocompletion now shows the most recent entry first
    • The URL is now automatically selected when input gets focus
    • The homepage is now loaded if a new tab is opened
    • The options menu now uses a Kirigami context drawer
    • The navigation now has a drop shadow for a nicer visual look

    Bug fixes:

    • Inline messages like the popup blocker are now actually visible again
    • "View source" was fixed by a workaround
  • v1.2.0   Release angelfish v1.2.0
    Release v1.2.0

    New features:

    • Implement feature permission requests
    • New icon
    • Display tab titles
    • Make sure QtWebEngine uses QtQuickControls 2
    • Implement authentification dialog
    • Implement private mode
  • v1.3.0   Release angelfish 1.3.0
    Release v1.3.0
    • Animate completion
    • Fix duplicated context menu
    • Split up into global and context drawer
    • Settings: Look more Kirigami-like
    • Move drawers to correct parent
    • webbrowser: Properly connect to c++
    • Create all objects on the QML side
    • Remove some outdated comments
    • Settings: Use urlFromUserInput on homepage and searchEngine
    • Comment and simplify code
    • Load as much as possible after startup using loaders
    • Completion: Add scroll bar decorations
    • Save lastVisited to disk and sort accordingly
    • feature: Add action for showing the desktop site
    • Rewrite user agent switcher in c++
    • Completion: Add background
    • change org name to mobile.kde.org
  • v1.4.0   Release angelfish 1.4.0
    Release v1.4.0

    Jonah Brüchert (12 commits):

    • Add more tests
    • Apply clang-format
    • Simplify urlfilterproxymodel
    • Add shortcut Ctrl+F to find in page action
    • Only open find sheet if not already open
    • Another attempt to fix the completion glitch
    • desktop-file: Rename to just Angelfish
    • simplify initialUrl handling
    • urlmodel: save after additions and deletions
    • UrlDelegate: Switch to SwipeListItem with DelegateRecycler
    • Add KI18n context object
    • Remove BusyIndicator

    Rinigus Saar (21 commits):

    • drop scrollbars on mobile
    • set initialUrl as a string
    • implement tabs using repeater
    • adjust handling of current tab
    • ensure that current tab is always available
    • handle null object cases on tab removal
    • set userAgent according to the current tab
    • refactor pages to be shown as pages, not layers
    • hide tabs by moving them out of image
    • reduce used z values in organizing tabs
    • make page titles readable in tabs minipages
    • convert new tab addition into tabs page action
    • set minipages to fill full width in tabs overview
    • set minipages show in 1x zoom
    • adjust spacing and add url to tile overview
    • reduce gradient for readability in tabs overview
    • restore border around tile on tabs selection
    • add landscape support in tabs selector
    • adjust tile size to a scrollbar in tabs overview
    • use snapshot images in tab selectors
    • Restore pages in the tabs on start
    • fix pinch and scrolling sideways

    Sebastian Kügler (2 commits):

    • allow loading local pages from local IPs
  • v1.5.0   Release angelfish 1.5.0
    Release v1.5.0

    This release features a rewrite of the underlying models and design changes.

    Jonah Brüchert:

    • Move width out of UrlDelegate so it doesn't produce type errors in History.qml
    • Some string optimizations
    • Add tabsmodel as central place to control the gui
    • Use json file based storage
    • Move homepage and initialUrl logic to tabsModel
    • Simplify NavigationEntrySheet
    • Use strict typing for properties
    • flatpak: Update to org.kde.Sdk 5.14
    • CMakeLists: Remove unnecessary compiler arguments

    Rinigus Saar:

    • Navigation bar: processing URL and address entry via overlay
    • use tabsmodel to keep reflection of current state
    • decouple tabsmodel url from webview url
    • follow requested URL when interacting with user
    • flatpak: drop ld_library_path and use symlinks instead
    • flatpak: webengine links are generated upstream
    • flatpak: add pulseaudio permissions
    • open url entry with bookmarks on new tab
    • hide navigation bar on scrolling
    • open about:blank on new tab
    • remove a residual line shown in fullscreen mode
    • flatpak: add ffmpeg-full to support video playback
  • v1.5.1   Release angelfish v1.5.1
    6d493cf1 · Fix tabsmodeltest ·
    Release v1.5.1

    This patch release fixes the broken test from v1.5.0