Commit 104762e8 authored by Jonah Brüchert's avatar Jonah Brüchert 🌳 Committed by Bhushan Shah

Add flatpak manifest

This app is not intended to be distributed as a flatpak,
instead this manifest makes testing the app much easier
because the flatpak sandbox prevents
the interference of installed desktop kcms.

Usage is described in the documentation:
parent 3c08594e
"id": "",
"runtime": "org.kde.Platform",
"runtime-version": "5.11",
"sdk": "org.kde.Sdk",
"command": "plasma-settings",
"tags": ["nightly"],
"desktop-file-name-suffix": " (Nightly)",
"finish-args": [
"separate-locales": false,
"modules": [
"name": "kdelibs4support",
"config-opts": [ "-DENABLE_TESTING=OFF" ],
"buildsystem": "cmake-ninja",
"builddir": true,
"sources": [ { "type": "git", "url": "git://", "branch": "v5.53.0" } ]
"name": "plasma-settings",
"buildsystem": "cmake-ninja",
"builddir": true,
"sources": [ { "type": "dir", "path": ".", "skip": [".git"] } ]
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