Commit 6dcabda7 authored by Nicolas Fella's avatar Nicolas Fella
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[kcm] Fix list items

Fix bad spacing and unwanted separators

Raise icon size to 32px. This incidentally fixes the alignment of the
listitem text and also subjectively looks better to me.
parent 7859a6d5
......@@ -94,19 +94,18 @@ ScrollViewKCM {
delegate: Kirigami.SwipeListItem {
leftPadding: 0
rightPadding: 0
// content item includes its own padding
padding: 0
contentItem: Kirigami.BasicListItem {
// The parent item already has a highlight
activeBackgroundColor: "transparent"
// Otherwise there are unnecessary margins
anchors.bottom: parent.bottom
// No right anchor so text can be elided by actions
separatorVisible: false
text: model.Name
icon: model.Icon
iconSize: Kirigami.Units.iconSizes.medium
onClicked: kcm.push("Device.qml", {device: model.Device})
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