Commit afe0deb9 authored by Bitterblue OfMonsea's avatar Bitterblue OfMonsea Committed by Nicolas Fella
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bluedevil-sendfile: Fix small size of file selector

When running "bluedevil-sendfile -u <device>" (or with -k) the file
selector that pops up is much too small. Use the dialog size suggested
by KFileWidget instead.
parent 7ac713d2
......@@ -52,6 +52,10 @@ void SelectFilesPage::initializePage()
SendFileWizard *w = static_cast<SendFileWizard*>(wizard());
const QSize sizeHint = m_files->dialogSizeHint();
if (sizeHint.isValid())
w->setWindowTitle(i18nc("Send files to a Bluetooth device", "Send to %1", w->device()->name()));
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