Commit 42a885a9 authored by Fabian Vogt's avatar Fabian Vogt
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Fix drawing of styled frames for QQuickItems

There is a special case for comboboxes when drawing a styled frame, but for
some reason it didn't actually check whether the QQuickItem is a combobox,
there was only a comment...

This adds the check, which means that QQuickItems get a proper frame now
instead of a combobox popup.
parent ac671256
......@@ -5424,7 +5424,8 @@ namespace Breeze
case QFrame::StyledPanel:
if( isQtQuickControl( option, widget ) )
if( isQtQuickControl( option, widget )
&& option->styleObject->property( "elementType" ).toString() == QLatin1String( "combobox" ) )
// ComboBox popup frame
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