Commit 55b5a2ff authored by Jan Blackquill's avatar Jan Blackquill 🌈 Committed by Nate Graham
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[kstyle]: Don't attempt to adjust contentsMargins on QDialogs

Same concept as 03fb4b49. Not worth the attempt; most dialogs don't draw edge to edge, and the ones that do most likely don't work well with the top border.

(cherry picked from commit 15abb00d)
parent 7bd37a18
......@@ -394,11 +394,6 @@ namespace Breeze
else if ( qobject_cast<QDialog*> (widget) ) {
if (_helper->shouldDrawToolsArea(widget)) {
const QMargins margins = widget->contentsMargins();
widget->setContentsMargins(margins.left(), qMax(, 1), margins.right(), margins.bottom());
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