Commit af1ddf45 authored by Jan Blackquill's avatar Jan Blackquill 🌈 Committed by Nate Graham
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kstyle: don't show states for frames with bordersSides

Showing focus/hover/etc. often looks strange/inconsistent without frames
on all sides, so if we're drawing on frames other than all sides, don't
show those states. It's also more consistent with the style we're trying
to emulate, which doesn't show focus/hover on separator lines between
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......@@ -3280,7 +3280,7 @@ namespace Breeze
const auto background( palette.base().color() );
const auto outline( _helper->frameOutlineColor( palette, mouseOver, hasFocus, opacity, mode ) );
const auto outline( _helper->frameOutlineColor( palette ) );
_helper->renderFrameWithSides( painter, rect, background, widget->property( PropertyNames::bordersSides ).value<Qt::Edges>(), outline );
return true;
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