Commit c00fd4f4 authored by No Names's avatar No Names Committed by Nate Graham
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kstyle: remove button gradients

Remove button gradients because they look outdated and the lighting model of having
a gradient that disappears on hover doesn't make sense. Also done in the QQC2 Breeze
style with qqc2-breeze-style!37.

Initial discussion at !211.
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......@@ -655,19 +655,6 @@ void Helper::renderButtonFrame(QPainter *painter,
penBrush = KColorUtils::mix(color1, color2, penAnimation);
// Gradient
if (isActiveWindow && !(flat || down || hovered || checked) && enabled) {
QLinearGradient bgGradient(frameRect.topLeft(), frameRect.bottomLeft());
bgGradient.setColorAt(0, KColorUtils::mix(bgBrush.color(), Qt::white, 0.03125));
bgGradient.setColorAt(0.5, bgBrush.color());
bgGradient.setColorAt(1, KColorUtils::mix(bgBrush.color(), Qt::black, 0.03125));
QLinearGradient penGradient(frameRect.topLeft(), frameRect.bottomLeft());
penGradient.setColorAt(0, KColorUtils::mix(penBrush.color(), Qt::white, 0.03125));
penGradient.setColorAt(1, KColorUtils::mix(penBrush.color(), Qt::black, 0.0625));
bgBrush = bgGradient;
penBrush = penGradient;
// Shadow
if (isActiveWindow && !(flat || down || checked) && enabled) {
renderRoundedRectShadow(painter, shadowedRect, shadowColor(palette));
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