Commit d336cca2 authored by Noah Davis's avatar Noah Davis 🌵
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Use Text instead of WindowText for scrollbar border

Hugo Pereira Da Costa said Text is better because scrollbar are usually
rendered over item views.
parent e606b264
......@@ -6571,7 +6571,7 @@ namespace Breeze
QSize(PenWidth::Frame, option->rect.height()), option->rect);
_helper->renderScrollBarBorder( painter, separatorRect, _helper->alphaColor( option->palette.color( QPalette::WindowText ), 0.1 ));
_helper->renderScrollBarBorder( painter, separatorRect, _helper->alphaColor( option->palette.color( QPalette::Text ), 0.1 ));
// render full groove directly, rather than using the addPage and subPage control element methods
if( (!StyleConfigData::animationsEnabled() || mouseOver || animated) && option->subControls & SC_ScrollBarGroove )
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